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We are Kestria, the world's largest executive search alliance.

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Global mobility for talented agribusiness professionals

As the struggle for sustainable food production continues, agribusiness and effective recruitment within it have become ever more important. What kind of talent helps drive success for companies in the industry and what is most important to today’s talent? We summoned our global experts to discuss the importance of international talent in this sphere as well as the current trends in mobility from both the client and candidate perspectives, from the various global regions they operate in.

Want to make leadership impact? Appoint women (at least two) to the C-suite!

An abundance of research now exists to show, beyond a shadow of doubt, that appointing women to the C-suite is not only the right thing to do from an ethical and moral perspective but also the savvy business strategy. In fact, all high-quality, commercially-oriented business strategies should nowadays ensure that top management structures include at least two women. Here’s why…

The global talent shortage, what are the solutions and how have we adapted our recruiting strategies to address them

The healthcare industry is a very specialized and complex area of recruitment to navigate. The challenges presented by the talent shortage are felt in particular in this area. We have spent some time with global experts from our network to get their take on the current situation and executive search strategies being applied to address them.

“Компанія MAS Seeds висловлює Вам свою повагу та вдячність, хочемо зазначити високий рівень партнерства з компанією Head Hunter Ukraine, Executive search team.
Надзвичайно талановита команда в найкоротший термін вирішує потреби клієнтів та забезпечує професійними кандидатами!
Окремі слова поваги за миттєвий зворотній зв’язок та відданість!”

Сергій Чеботарьов, директор з продажу та маркетингу, MAS Seeds
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