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How do you attract motivated candidates in a scarce market?

Finding talent is not difficult. Attracting talent is a completely different story. Per Jobindex, “The uprise on the job market continues”. The power dynamic has shifted in favor of candidates making it much harder to “move” the candidates than before. How can companies stand out? What does it take to attract candidates? And how can you work more strategic with your candidate pipeline?

The top three corporate-culture focus areas for 2022 and beyond

As we began the 2020’s the direction of corporate culture change was focused on the digitalization of work and how organizations would adapt to this sure change. Then came the pandemic.

Pandemic leadership: Secrets of success!

The past two pandemic-years have required rapid and lasting change to organisational leadership. Leaders have been called on to not only adapt, but also to reimagine the way they lead and the skills and attributes they draw upon.

“G5 Entertainment AB дуже вдячна команді GRC за допомогу в дослідженні ринку. Ми вчасно отримали якісний аналіз, професійні консультації та заощадили багато часу. Все було зроблено дуже швидко і якісно.
Дякуємо команді GRC, ми будемо з задоволенням знову працювати з вами і рекомендувати колегам!”

Валентина Гамова, Lead Recruiter, G5 Games
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