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We are Kestria, the world's largest executive search alliance.

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Multigenerational workforce management

Globally, today most organisations understand the importance of embracing diversity. Formal and informal interventions are typically targeted at achieving inclusion, equity and belonging across gender, race or religious lines. However, an often overlooked factor is generational diversity.

How to find the best talent from all over the world

In today's global economy, businesses need to be able to find and hire the best talent from all over the world. This can be a challenge, but it's essential for businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition. Retaining Kestria gives you a significant edge in the war for talent. Our global network, deep expertise, and proven track record of success will help you attract and retain the best talent.

Compensation: striving for the balance of a good offer vs a sustainable offer

In a candidate-driven market, it is a competitive advantage for companies to understand how compensation varies among industries and in large versus small organisations. Moreover, with global mobility still very high on the agenda for professionals and enterprises alike, despite the advent of remote working, it is worthwhile to investigate the differences and similarities between geographical markets in order to attract and retain diverse, cross-border talent.

“G5 Entertainment AB дуже вдячна команді GRC за допомогу в дослідженні ринку. Ми вчасно отримали якісний аналіз, професійні консультації та заощадили багато часу. Все було зроблено дуже швидко і якісно.
Дякуємо команді GRC, ми будемо з задоволенням знову працювати з вами і рекомендувати колегам!”

Валентина Гамова, Lead Recruiter, G5 Games
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