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We are Kestria, the world's largest executive search alliance.

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3 Pillars of competence for Thought Leaders in the corporate era

In a scenario in which leadership profiles emerge and stand out with very different characteristics, an essential figure has emerged to successfully navigate the turbulent waters of the business world: the Thought Leader. This new profile of professionals not only masters their field but goes beyond it, actively shaping the business landscape with their innovative and insightful ideas.

The new currency of executive leadership in 2024

For decades, the executive search landscape resembled a gilded cage, its doors guarded by stone sentinels labeled "experience." Resumes boasting years at the helm of industry titans and pedigrees etched in ivy-league halls held the ultimate key. They cast long shadows over individuals whose brilliance shone in less conventional arenas. This strict adherence to experience served us well in a more predictable era. Today's dynamic environment presents challenges that require a new currency of executive leadership in 2024.

Higher Education; what’s in store for 2024

Higher education is undergoing profound transformations, shaped by economic, health, technological and social influences. Despite the anticipation of a return to normalcy in 2023, the past year posed challenges; necessitating heightened adaptability and resilience.

“Компанія MAS Seeds висловлює Вам свою повагу та вдячність, хочемо зазначити високий рівень партнерства з компанією Head Hunter Ukraine, Executive search team.
Надзвичайно талановита команда в найкоротший термін вирішує потреби клієнтів та забезпечує професійними кандидатами!
Окремі слова поваги за миттєвий зворотній зв’язок та відданість!”

Сергій Чеботарьов, директор з продажу та маркетингу, MAS Seeds
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