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Kestria, the world's largest executive search alliance

We are Kestria, the world's largest executive search alliance.

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Board Search as a strategic and business-critical discipline

In the vast landscape of corporate governance, 'Board Search' emerges as a pivotal force with implications reaching across the globe. We analyze the intricacies of board appointments, examining their far-reaching effects on organizations worldwide. Furthermore, we highlight the strategic significance of 'Board Search,' showcasing its ability to drive international business success.

AI's role in accelerating healthcare innovation

The integration of AI in healthcare marks a pivotal shift towards more efficient, personalized and innovative medical solutions. As AI technologies evolve, their potential to accelerate healthcare innovation becomes increasingly clear. From enhancing clinical decision-making to revolutionizing drug discovery, AI is set to transform the landscape of healthcare delivery. Understanding AI's role in this transformation involves exploring how it can improve patient care, optimize healthcare systems, and address potential challenges and ethical considerations.

Innovation in animal protein production

Agribusiness is innovating with technology and sustainable practices to meet global food needs. It's evolving beyond traditional farming, focusing on eco-friendly methods and efficient supply chains to address climate change and population growth challenges. This shift is crucial for a productive, environmentally conscious and socially responsible future in agriculture.

We are Kestria

“Natalya reached out to me in February 2022, asking me to promote her services to my network. I asked if she would be interested in doing some research projects for us as we needed the extra capacity. At the time, we had some tech positions that needed to be filled with one of our long-standing clients. We asked them to create a list of candidates based on criteria. The job that Natalya and her team delivered was fast, thorough, and detailed. On the third project they did for us, they discovered candidates in our backyard that we were not aware of. We still use the results of the research today and will come back for more help in the coming months.”

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