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Kestria, the world's largest executive search alliance

We are Kestria, the world's largest executive search alliance.

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WORK 3.0: Reimagining Leadership in a Hybrid World

Kestria has partnered on the research project organized by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), a top-ranked global provider of leadership development, on hybrid working leadership. The report “WORK 3.0: Reimagining Leadership in a Hybrid World”, which surveyed 2,170 leaders across 13 countries in the Asia Pacific (APAC), offers a comprehensive look into the evolution of work and workplaces in the region.

Shedding a light on Digital Transformation and its implications for the industry

Getting ahead of the game is the goal for all companies and their processes. Digital Transformation is seen as the means to keep one step ahead, but this starts with a clean business landscape and making the right decisions to ensure an optimum setup once it arrives. Michael Kantel, Executive Director & Partner, Kestria Germany interviewed Dr. Christof Schilz, Head of Operational Technology at amsOSRAM about the ‘before and after’ of Digital Transformation and what is most important in driving success end to end.

The benefits of using an executive search firm

Great recruitment takes great work. You need a solid and effective process end to end to be able to access the best candidates and provide the offers that keep them once you’ve found them. This all requires a certain expertise and approaching not just those officially interested in a position, but also those who don’t yet know they are interested. All companies have their own talent recruitment teams for doing this right? So why hire an executive search firm? We checked in with 6 of our alliance members from around the world to ask them just that.

We are Kestria

“Natalya reached out to me in February 2022, asking me to promote her services to my network. I asked if she would be interested in doing some research projects for us as we needed the extra capacity. At the time, we had some tech positions that needed to be filled with one of our long-standing clients. We asked them to create a list of candidates based on criteria. The job that Natalya and her team delivered was fast, thorough, and detailed. On the third project they did for us, they discovered candidates in our backyard that we were not aware of. We still use the results of the research today and will come back for more help in the coming months.”

Kestria Norway, Bendik Myhre:
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