WORK 3.0: Reimagining Leadership in a Hybrid World

| 22.11.2022

Kestria has partnered on the research project organized by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), a top-ranked global provider of leadership development, on hybrid working leadership. The report “WORK 3.0: Reimagining Leadership in a Hybrid World”, which surveyed 2,170 leaders across 13 countries in the Asia Pacific (APAC), offers a comprehensive look into the evolution of work and workplaces in the region.

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Shedding a light on Digital Transformation and its implications for the industry

| 16.11.2022

Getting ahead of the game is the goal for all companies and their processes. Digital Transformation is seen as the means to keep one step ahead, but this starts with a clean business landscape and making the right decisions to ensure an optimum setup once it arrives. Michael Kantel, Executive Director & Partner, Kestria Germany interviewed Dr. Christof Schilz, Head of Operational Technology at amsOSRAM about the ‘before and after’ of Digital Transformation and what is most important in driving success end to end.

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The benefits of using an executive search firm

| 25.10.2022

Great recruitment takes great work. You need a solid and effective process end to end to be able to access the best candidates and provide the offers that keep them once you’ve found them. This all requires a certain expertise and approaching not just those officially interested in a position, but also those who don’t yet know they are interested. All companies have their own talent recruitment teams for doing this right? So why hire an executive search firm? We checked in with 6 of our alliance members from around the world to ask them just that.

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Leadership recruitment in a post-pandemic world

Rohan Carr | 18.10.2022

The identification and attraction of leadership talent are fundamental to the success of any and all organizations; never more so than in times of change and uncertainty. The pandemic has impacted so much of our personal and professional lives and although the fundamentals of leadership recruitment remain, key aspects of the candidate experience require refinement.

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How to increase our circles of influence by purposeful networking

Steven B. McKinney | 11.10.2022

The pandemic influenced a shift in how we communicate and network. Research shows that people's networks shrank by nearly 16% during the recent pandemic. This decrease is primarily due to less interaction with strangers and more interaction with family and close friends. And the total number of family and friends in our inner circle is small. This smaller inner circle contrasts too our much larger outer rings of contacts.

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The importance of a Chief Wellness Officer in the workplace

| 04.10.2022

After an exceptionally tough time in the industry, wellness at work has never been more critical. We were eager to delve into this topic and the role of the average Chief Wellness Officer in the workplace. To find out what this entails, we approached some of our global partners to get their insight into the role and its importance. We met with Steven B. McKinney, Kestria South Korea; Celine Chabee, Kestria Canada; Mathias Friedrichs, Kestria Germany and Michelle Bedford-Shaw, Kestria South Africa, to discuss the scope and benefits.

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Key talent acquisition trends for 2022: perspectives from the US

Rebecca Wilson | 30.08.2022

Executive search is an ever-changing landscape and times made it harder than ever both to compete in the various markets, as well as obtain and retain the best talent, especially in the larger job markets. We caught up with our colleague in the US, Managing Director at Kestria USA: 20/20 Foresight Executive Search (, Rebecca Wilson, to discuss implications for the future of recruitment from her perspective.

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Reaching talent goals in a market with a shortage of candidates

Anders Jorgensen | 14.07.2022

In our recent blog, “How do you attract motivated candidates in a scarce market?” we introduced the concepts of the candidate journey and the candidate experience as vital factors when fostering candidate commitment ensuring the provision of the best, motivated candidates for our clients. This is something we practice every single day as professional ambassadors for our candidates and clients.

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Boosting gender equality calls for diverse thinking

| 05.07.2022

Diversity and inclusion are hot topics globally. At the forefront of creating a fairer, more equitable and proportional post-Covid world, gender mainstreaming, in particular, is a key focus. Indeed, gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls are key components of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

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How do you attract motivated candidates in a scarce market?

Anders Jorgensen | 12.05.2022

Finding talent is not difficult. Attracting talent is a completely different story. Per Jobindex, “The uprise on the job market continues”. The power dynamic has shifted in favor of candidates making it much harder to “move” the candidates than before. How can companies stand out? What does it take to attract candidates? And how can you work more strategic with your candidate pipeline?

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